Our Story

Every story starts with a seed… an idea, an ambition to create change in something. Ours is to create a positive and lasting impact on the short term rental market, and in the process to help improve the community around it. Join us on this journey!


And so it begins…

Bonsai was created after a trip to Florida, where Daniel spent the holidays with his family and rented an Airbnb for the first time. Expecting to find similar amenities and linens to a hotel, they were disappointed to find inexpensive flannel sheets (in Florida where it’s hot) and not enough towels for everyone. Not to mention finding half finished shampoo bottles in the washroom. This sparked the idea of creating a brand aimed helping short-term rental hosts to properly and adequately furnish and equip their homes for hosting. We wanted to bring high quality linens and towels at an affordable price so that cost wouldn’t stop hosts from choosing price over comfort for their guests.

The months following the trip, Daniel set out to scour the world for suppliers who could deliver on this promise of producing high quality linens and towels for an affordable price. Following months of searching and testing and going through dozens of factories spanning from China to India, and Bangladesh to Turkey, we finally decided on the factory in India. One of our goals is to partner with an ethically-run factory that does not use child labor or mistreats it’s employees. We also wanted to partner with a factory that shared our same path of growth and entrepreneurship. The chosen factory was started by a local entrepreneur with over 10 years experience working in textile manufacturing for larger factories and decided to finally take that important leap to start his own venture. We look forward to the partnership between our two companies and to the chance of changing the industry for the better.


“Everyone knows that the centerpiece of any hotel room is the bed, and the sheets on that bed play a pivotal role in the experience and satisfaction of that guest during their stay. ”
                        — DANIEL ILIESCU, FOUNDER OF BONSAI


Our Philosophy

Our philosophy is rooted in providing all our customers with an exceptional quality product that elevates any space to new heights and offers their guests (or themselves) with an unforgettable experience. Six core ideas drive us everyday to offer all our customers the utmost attention to detail and satisfaction.

Best Quality

We strive to offer the best quality products for the price on the market. We believe that a well priced product doesn’t have to be of bad quality. This is why we have spent months designing and testing all our products to make sure that they are ready for, you.


This word can often have a negative connotation attached to it, but we think that our obsession with offering our customers the best value drives us and makes us who we are. That’s why we don’t really mind being called customer obsessed if it means that the ultimate experience will be one that is remembered.


We believe that the earth we live on is quite precious. That’s why we are taking steps to lower our impact on the planet by offering eco-friendly products, including amenities made naturally only using naturally derived ingredients and towels that use significantly less water and waste less material. We admit no one is perfect, but we will strive to continuously improve our impact on the environment in all our decisions and business ventures.


Customer satisfaction is our #1 priority and that is why we are so obsessed with the quality of our products and the guest experience. The quality of our products reflects your own interest in providing your guest (or yourself) an exceptional nights sleep or bathing experience. This is why we to take it upon ourselves to offer the highest quality products and experience.


Attention to detail is something that we pride ourselves on. God lives in the details. We believe that the little things in any experience or product makes it worthwhile.

Integrity, impact, improve, inspire

We believe that through our integrity and aspirations we can make an impact on the hospitality industry and in turn improve the overall experience for all stakeholders. Dream big and strive to inspire!