About Us

Where are your products made?

We scoured the globe to find the best quality products made with the finest cotton. This journey led us to India where we found a factory that matched our values and expectations. Our Sateen and towel products are made with sustainable practices in India by people who are treated with dignity and earn fair wages for their work, which means that your business supports economic opportunity to a special group of cotton growers who have historically been undeserved by big business. We pride ourselves on this fact and look forward to a long and lasting relationship with this factory.

Our Products

What does thread count mean, and why is it important?

Thread count is the industry’s standard measurement of the number of vertical and horizontal threads contained within one square inch of fabric. Thread count does not provide us with an accurate picture of fabric quality, nor does it ensure that you’re purchasing the safest or softest option. At Bonsai, we take thread count, softness, breathability and sustainability into consideration to create the highest quality sheets for your business or you and your family.

What thread count are Bonsai Sheets?

Our Cloud Collection sheets are are sateen woven to a 300 thread count, which allows for breathability and softness that will easily leave every guest with a 5 Star experience. Since we use premium single-ply cotton, our sheets have the perfect balance of lightweight feel, softness, durability and quality, almost making you feel like sleeping on a cloud, which is why we happened to call it our Cloud Collection.

What is a sateen weave?

Many factors affect the final result of the look and feel of a bed sheet. The sateen weave method used for our sheets is made with a four-over-one-under weave to achieve a super soft, silk and luxurious finish, while keeping the material breathable.

Do Bonsai Sheets wrinkle?

To keep in trend with our beliefs in keeping everything as natural as possible, we have decided to not use the harsh chemicals tat are normally used to treat wrinkle-free sheets. This is why you will notice a few wrinkles once you take your sheets out of the dryer. As long as you follow the care instructions you should be able to keep your sheets in good condition. If you want that crisp hotel look, lightly iron the sheets and you should be ready for that 5-star experience.


How do I apply a coupon to an order?

Coupon or discount codes can be applied at checkout on the right-hand side of the screen. Only one coupon code is allowed per order. If you forget to add your coupon code at checkout, please contact out Customer Experience team and they will be able to help you. You can also message them here.

Why is my credit card charged upon order placement?

We value your security and this is why as a policy, Bonsai does not store any credit card information and therefore, we must charge credit cards at the time of ordering. Of course, orders can be cancelled before shipment for a full refund

Will I be charged sales tax?

For customers in Canada a breakdown of taxes can be seen below.

Alberta - 5%

British Columbia - 12%

Manitoba - 12%

New Brunswick - 15%

Newfoundland and Labrador - 15%

Northwest Territories - 5%

Nova Scotia - 15%

Nunavut - 5%

Ontario - 13%

P.E.I - 15%

Quebec - 14.975%

Saskatchewan - 11%

Yukon - 5%

For all US orders, no taxes will be charged by Bonsai.


What is your return policy?

Please see our return policy by clicking the link here. You can also go directly to our returns page by clicking the link here.

You can also contact our Customer Experience team to help you further with any return questions. Just dial 1866-9BONSAI.

Laundry Care

Laundry Care for Sheeting and Duvet Sets

  • Machine wash cold with like colors

  • Gentle cycle

  • Do not bleach (if you do use oxygenated bleach)(more for colors)

  • Tumble dry low

  • Warm iron as needed

Laundry Care for Pillow and Duvet Inserts

  • Wash as needed (infrequently) in cold water on gentle cycle

  • Tumble dry on low-it might take 2-3 cycles

  • Do not iron or steam

Laundry Care for Towels

  • Machine wash cold with like colors

  • Gentle cycle

  • Do not bleach (if you do use oxygenated bleach) (more for colors)

  • Tumble dry medium and remove promptly

  • Watch out for skincare products, they can fade or spot the towels

Helpful Tips

  • To avoid lint build up, wash sheets and towels desperately

  • To maintain the quality of the fibres, don’t use fabric softeners

  • Shake linens between washing and drying to minimize wrinkles

  • Avoid bleach and bleach alternatives to avoid discoloration (more for colors)

  • Choose a liquid detergent for the best results

International Shipping

Shipping, Duties and Taxes

All our orders to the United States will have a flat rate of $15 for small packages of less than 1lb and $50 for larger orders. Your package will ship via UPS Worldwide with two-day shipping pending customs clearance. Upon delivery, you will be charged an additional amount for duty per product and tax by state. The initial amount listed at checkout will not include the additional taxes and fees.