Why White?

Why White?

This question must run through many people’s minds when staying at a hotel or most other hospitality establishments…why are all the linens and towels always white? Well, this blog posting will hopefully answer that question and further educate you on a few different reasons for why white is the answer to your short-term rentals linens and towels color choice.


              Running your own short-term rental must seem daunting at first, especially if you don’t come from a hospitality background. So many things to worry about and so many different moving parts to bring that five-star guest experience to your customers. We hope that Bonsai can help you ease some of these worries and allow you to focus on the more strategic aspects of managing your rental and providing that amazing customer service we know you do. So, let’s get this blog started.


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We know that you’ll have many questions when setting up your rental; Where do you buy everything to furnish the rental? How much should you pay for them? What kind of bedding should you buy? What kind of amenities should I offer my guests?. Well, we hope that Bonsai will help you on this daunting yet fun and exciting new journey that you are embarking on, or for the more veteran hosts, we hope that we can help you bring your rentals to new heights in a cost effective manner. The post today, which happens to be the first, will tackle the question; why white?  


Well, there must be a reason why most hotels have white linens and towels… and there is. When a customer enters their hotel room, or in your case their rental, they want to make sure that the room and everything inside it is clean and ready for their stay. One of the first things a guest will look at is the bed. The bed is the centerpiece of the room, and usually the most important item in it, which is why it is important to have a comfortable mattress and an even more comfortable linen set. When a guest looks at the bed sheets, most will check to see if they are clean and stain free. Most people would think that white is the last color you should have if you want it to be spot free, but this is wrong and quite the opposite is true. A darker colored sheet will make your guests think that you are hiding something in terms of cleanliness or stains, and a light but not white linen will be hard to get stains out. We know you want to make your bed match and be as animated as possible, but we truly believe the bed linens and your towels should always be something that you should leave in the classic white, and here’s why.

              Keeping your linens and towels clean is very important and white makes it easy to do so. Contrary to most people’s belief, white is the easiest color to keep clean because of bleach. Bleach will most likely become yours or your cleaner’s best friend. As in most hospitality situations, your linens or towels will go through some wear and tear and discoloration, but bleach will help with this. If your sheets are blue, yellow, brown etc. you will not be able to get some of those stains out because you cannot bleach the linens. We recommend using non chlorine bleach for your linens and towels, as this will be more gentle on the fabric and you will get more use out of your linens and towels. If the stains are persistent, then we recommend trying a stronger bleach.

Linens and towels are some of the most important things inside your short-term rental and with so much choice out there, we hope that these insights have been great help when thinking of what color sheets you should chose. When it comes to bringing character and colour into your space, there are other things that you can get creative with other than your sheets and towels. You can start practicing this philosophy by checking out our Linen and Towel Collections.

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