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Wifi Porter Hospitality

Wifi Porter Hospitality

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• Fast connection to Wi-Fi • Secure credential storage • Remote management • Customer engagement and marketing • API access for automatic updates • Customer identification and interaction tracking

Porter Hospitality makes sharing Wi-Fi with your guests effortless. The device offers a range of mounting options, and may be set up in minutes using an Android or iOS device. When a guest taps the device or scans the QR code, the password for your network is delivered seamlessly onto their phone. Since the password is never typed, you are free to make it complicated and secure. The device may also be configured to load custom branding on the guest’s phone, require consent to terms and conditions, and collect guest email addresses. You may also direct the customer to view additional offers or information that may be helpful during their stay.

Remote management features allow you to update Wi-Fi network information and passwords instantly from any location. Porter Hospitality models are are managed in groups, called locations. Each location may be customized and controls the guest experience for all Porters associated with it. A Google account or Apple ID is required to enable management features. In addition to managing locations on your mobile device, you may also configure automatic management using the Porter API. This enables a variety of new use cases, such as greeting your guest by name after they check in, or automatically rotating your Wi-Fi password weekly.

By providing contactless Wi-Fi sharing, Porter Hospitality provides an excellent alternative to distributing Wi-Fi passwords using physical paper, and is itself simple to clean and sterilize.

Your data is always kept safe. When the devices are remotely managed, the Wi-Fi credential data is encrypted on your phone and only decrypted by on your guest’s phone using a decryption key stored in each Porter Hospitality. This security architecture provides assurances that only guests with physical access to a Porter are able to log in.


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