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Golden Bonsai Package - Pre Order

Golden Bonsai Package - Pre Order

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The Golden Bonsai Package offers you and your guests with the ultimate luxury experience. The package was created for any host who understands the demands of a hospitality business. This is why we have included enough items in this package for 3 rotations. You can never be too prepared! This package was created for a home with 1 Bedroom and 1 Bathroom. If your place has more than 1 bedroom or bathroom you can add an extra bedroom package or bathroom package. Choosing a package like this one also allows you to benefit from even bigger discounts than we already provide.


  • 3 Sets of the Cloud Collection Sheets

  • 3 Sets of the Cloud Collection Duvet Set

  • 6 Sets of Cloud Collection towel Sets + 3 Free Bath Mats

  • 2 Wyndry Medium Fill Pillow

  • 2 Wyndry Firm Fill Pillows

  • 4 Protect-a-bed Pillow Protectors

  • 1 Protect-a-bed mattress protector

Pre Order Information

These items have been delayed due to factory shutdowns in India. As the health and safety of all workers is a priority we do not know an exact date for when the production will resume. We anticipate production to reboot within the next month but this is only an estimate. This will mean a ship date of around September 1st. If you decide to pre-order this item, you will be able to cancel the order if you change your mind about waiting, but we promise they will be worth the wait. We have put this item on sale as a thank you for your patience. Following the pre-order, the regular price will apply.


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