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Earth Collection - Bath Mat - Pre Order

Earth Collection - Bath Mat - Pre Order

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Our Earth Collection was designed and created for the Eco conscious buyer  who is looking to make a positive impact on the environment. The cotton used in the production of these towels is eco-consciously sourced and diligently crafted from 100% pre consumed recycled cotton. Our Earth Collection towels contribute greatly to the preservation of nature and saving our vital resources. The best part of these towels is that there is no compromise on the craftsmanship and feel, which shows that we do not need to compromise anything to saving our planet, we merely need to innovate better methods of production.

100% Pure Cotton | Conserves Natural Resources |

Produced using 100% Green Energy | High Absorbency

Durable 2 ply yarns


Earth Collection saves

75 Gallons of Water | 1.2 lbs of fertilizers | 75 sq.ft of cultivable land

For every 3 Towel Sets

Product Details

Size - 20” x 30”

GSM - 650

Care Instructions

  • Machine wash cold with like colors

  • Gentle cycle

  • Do not bleach (if you do use oxygenated bleach) (more for colors)

  • Tumble dry medium and remove promptly

  • Watch out for skincare products, they can fade or spot the towels

Pre Order Information

These items have been delayed due to factory shutdowns in India. As the health and safety of all workers is a priority we do not know an exact date for when the production will resume. We anticipate production to reboot within the next month but this is only an estimate. This will mean a ship date of around May 1st 2021. If you decide to pre-order this item, you will be able to cancel the order if you change your mind about waiting, but we promise they will be worth the wait. We have put this item on sale as a thank you for your patience. Following the pre-order, the regular price will apply.


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